Ganador I concurso microrrelatos en inglés

El ganador del I concurso de microrrelatos en inglés celebrado el 26 de enero de 2018 con motivo de la festividad de Santo Tomás de Aquino es DANIEL MARTINEZ LOPEZ , alumno de 1 Bachillerato.

El microrrelato es el siguiente:


«He was walking idly at the edge of a cliff that led to the furious waves of the ocean, trying to keep himself safe from the sharping coldness that was shaking that quiet town by the shore, Scarborough. He hoped that if he took a brief vacation in Yorkshire, far away from his beloved one, he would be able to get himself together again and clear his mind so he wouldn´t act stupidly anymore. She loved him so much, and he was aware of it, and even though he desired so badly to love her back, his heart just didn´t answer that desperate cry. It wasn´t hate at all, but he couldn´t come back and tell her to move onto a friendship. That would destroy her. That would destroy him. No, he couldn´t return yet. Not until he was ready. Anyway, would he ever be ready?»