Ganadores III edición del concurso de microrrelatos en inglés

Los ganadores del III concurso de microrrelatos en inglés celebrado el 24 de enero de 2020 con motivo de la festividad de St. Tomás de Aquino son los siguientes:

Categoría 1º y 2º ESO

Marta Sánchez de 2º ESO G

I didn  know where I was or why I was there. I just kept walking with no sense. Suddenly, a woman walked in front of me. SHe had a beautiful blond hair and her eyes were brown. I felt something inefable, she was the only person who gave me back the happiness. I knew she was the person I looked for all this time. I ran after her, I didn know if what I was doing was wrong, I didn, t care . When I was close to her, we looked at each other. Maybe this sounds crazy, but you are the love of my life, and I can’t just leave you….» I said.

Categoría 1º y 2º Bachillerato.

Mark Konov Sendyk de 2º Bachillerato Z.

And there he was. Sleeping calmly under his friendś arm. The night before he had a wild party to say goodbye to one of the most exciting summer camps he ever had. ALthough he has never been keen on drinking alcohol, he had a quite heavy headache,. BUt what began with a headache quickly turned into a heartache. Little did he know that he actually had from tusk  -till dawn to defeat the intangible presence that would completely take over his person if it kept growing. Astonishingly enough, that morning he felt the need to fight something. And so he did, heroically. But it turns out that what seemed as an undeniable victory at first was only the beginning . The presence kept growing with time and ended up defeating him and leaving his life in complete despair. And what was that harmful presence, the humble reader may ask? Its name was LOVE.