Os presentamos los blogs elaborados por alumnos de 2º Bachillerato D y F.

The students of 2ºBACH D and F have worked together to create blogs about different topics they feel passionate about. Let’s have a look at them.

We are Raquel Palomares, Sofía Gil, Paola Doval and Gabriel González and we have
created a blog with two different entries. Each one of them is about one of our favourite
singers and includes relevant information about them. One is about Bad Bunny and the other
one is about Melendi. Both include general background information about the singer and
explain how their career has evolved. Moreover, we have added all of their album covers.

We are Javier Pérez and Álvaro Merchán and we have done a blog that talks about Italy and
two of its cities: Rome and Florence. We talk about them because these are the cities that
we visited on our school trip this year. If you want some information about these cities, you
can have a look at our blog.

We are Diego Sánchez and Jose Antonio López and we have created a blog that shows how
the stream and videos world works. We talk about different famous streamers and
youtuba<ers, and the platforms that they used to make their content. If you want info about
this, use this link:

We are Sara El Hajji, Hugo Ruiz and David Campuzano and we created a blog about our
favorite soccer player that shows a bit of his life, when he was born, his hobbies, his
childhood and how he got to the place that he is at right now.

We are Diego Gil and Laura Martínez and we decided to do our blog about typical foods
from different countries, because it is very important to know new cultures and expand our

We are Carlos Cardesín and María Cuerda, and in our blog we talk about the different
mythological animals that exist in different cultures and religions.

We are Diana Azuar and Karen M. Chávez and we made a blog about cookies’ recipes we
really like. In the first post, we introduced the blog and mentioned recipes we’ll be sharing.
The first recipe posted was an oatmeal cookie recipe, Diana’s favorite one.

We are Lucía Barrio and Mila Valera and we wrote a blog about cleaning and cooking tips,
from the perspective of an old lady. This blog is mainly ironic and theatrical and its only
purpose is to make people laugh. You’ll for sure have fun reading it!

I am Felipe Martín Cerezuela and I wrote a blog about the future generations of
entrepreneurs and how the world is changing with the fake lifes that some people are
showing up to get more views and create viral content. Furthermore, I have selected some
books for you to learn about personal finance and economy. I hope you learn something new
and enjoy reading it.

We are María Roca and Victoria Pérez and we made a blog about Humanities where we talk
about different topics, such as Latin, philosophy, art and much more. Our objective is to help
others know a little bit more about the origin of our culture with some interesting facts that we
learn at school.

We are Maria Medina and Belén Pujante and our blog is a cultural blog where we talk about
music,cinema and trip destinations. It’s called PopCorn as a reference to what it talks about:
Pop is for the music and Corn refers to the movies we talk about.