Ganadores del concurso de microrrelatos en inglés de St. Tomás de Aquino 2024

Los ganadores del V concurso de microrrelatos en inglés celebrado el 26 de enero de 2024 con motivo de la festividad de St. Tomás de Aquino son los siguientes:

Miguel Ángel López Morales 2º Bachillerato


Once upon a time, in a torrid city, there was a roman gate where the youngsters declared their love to each other.
However, in quite a weird way, the Mayor of the place hated the gate…its arches and doors and its declarations of love which he never received.
Full of hatred, he ordered the gate to be demolished. Luckily, the National Trust took him to court for the destruction of the monument and he was sentenced to light years in prison.
Even without the gate, the love of those blooming did not die, because love is the only thing that always remains.

Sara Reyes Martínez 3º ESO


At night, not evening but night. No noon tonight. I´m walking up and down and staring at the gate in front of me. Why staring? Why not entering? I´m not sure. It´s weird you may think, but I get the feeling, well my gut feeling tells me that if I go in I won´t come back, at least not being the same person I am now.
It reminds me of love, never knowing what you are going to find but being always sure that it will change you, in one way or another.
Coming back to reality I turn on my phone´s light and pointing to the begining of the gate I try to see something, anything really, that gives me any clue of what´s inside this beautiful gate, terrifying yes, but incredibly beautiful gate.
While walking towards it I ask myself, shall I go in?
I know the only way to discover the answer is trying, although I am aware it´s risky, so I walk in.

Celia Canabate Martín 3º ESO


Hi, if you are reading this, you must be trapped in the Nothinham Jail.
I was trapped there myself, and I was able to scape, so I´´m going to help you
First of all, I need to know if you are worthy of my love to help you scape. To do that you have to tell me your greatest fear. Writ it in the back of the door.
I f I thing you are trustworthy, you will find a note on the ceiling. Can you see it?
OK, to scape from prison, you must act really weird with the guard. If he thinks you are weird enough, he will move you to the north building, which is close to the gate.
On your first night there, you have to move the bed, you will see a hole. You must go down into the hole and run towards the gate.
Once you are there, go into a bush on the left side of the gate. Then you will be free. From there, you will have to improvise.
Good luck my friend, you are going to need it.

Muchas gracias a los ganadores por su participación en el concurso y nuestra enhorabuena a tod@s!!!!!!!